Gunship DX (GBC)

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Gunship, the thrilling rail shooter for Game Boy, now upgraded with full-color graphics and added rumble feature!

That's right! The Gunship DX cartridges includes a rumble motor to make your game sessions vibrate while defeating your enemies!

Our nation is under attack by enemy forces, and the defense can only succeed with the help of air-ground support. The future of our nation depends on you!

Gunship DX is a rail shooter for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. Fight your way through five action-packed missions as you try to repel the attack and restore peace.

Digital Edition can be found here.

In-depth game information can be found here.


  • PCB with a rumble motor!
  • Sealed box
  • Clear Black cartridge
  • Clear cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Stickers sheet
  • Silkscreened PCB with artwork on the back side


  Release date :
  April 2024
  Genre :
  Railway Shooter
  Platform :
  Game Boy Color, Game Boy
  Collection :
  Incube8 Games
  Age rating :
  Developer :
  Development platform :
  Players :
  Single player
  Play Time :
  3-4 hours
  Replayability :

  Supported languages :

  Game numbering :