Kien (GBA)

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Unreleased and originally developed in the early 2000s Kien is out now!

"Kien is a very challenging game, it is in some way a pre-souls-like game. The fights are always very intense and challenging. The missions and paths between the various levels and worlds are truly tortuous and all to be discovered by playing, making mistakes, dying. Many players will like it, but others definitely won't."

Fabio Belsanti (Lead Game Designer AgeOfGames (formerly PMStudios))

Discover the Secret of Kien! For 7,000 years the planet of Malkut has been wisely ruled by the 7 Masters of the Absolute. But chaos has been reborn as evil corrupts the Land of Harmony. The 7 Masters have vanished, mystical warriors were slaughtered, and the temples are doomed in blood. The only hope that remains is imprisoned in the hearts and wills of two young apprentices. Their fate is to fight evil, reveal the truth, and discover the secret of Kien.

An enthralling action platformer infused with RPG elements, immersing adventures in a captivating fantasy world of 23 intricate and demanding levels. With Gameplay that maintains a relentless pace, throwing players into the midst of frenetic action where they must confront a multitude of adversaries. The distinctive non-linear structure grants you the freedom to explore Kien's expansive world as you choose; Journey from one stage to the next, making every playthrough a unique and captivating adventure.


  • Sealed box
  • Clear Grey cartridge
  • Clear black cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Kien stickers sheet


Release date :
June 14th 2024
Genre :
Platformer, RPG
Platform :
Game Boy Advance
Collection :
Incube8 Games
Age rating :
Developer :
AgeOfGames (formerly PMStudios)
Development platform :
Players :
Single player
Play Time :
+- 10-15h
Replayability :
Very High
Supported languages :
Game numbering :