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D*Fuzed (GBC)

D*Fuzed is a turn-based logic puzzle game, where just one wrong move might be your last. Defuse bombs to recharge your battery, avoid the explosions, and look out for other hazards along the way!

This game will be on pre-order on November 26th 2021 2PM EST and ships in February 2022.

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Deadeus (GB)

"Deadeus is a masterclass in efficiency, and manages to tell a big story with delightful brevity. 9.5" - Matthew Loffhagen, Nintendo Force

"Deadeus offers some horrifying imagery despite the limitations of the Game Boy, and all while offering a tangled, frightening story that will take a great deal of work to unravel." - IndieGamePlus.com

"Deadeus does a truly charming job of being sinister" - DigitallyDownloaded.com

Pre-orders start on Friday, October 29th 2021 2:00 PM EST

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The Year After (GBC)

You are an invisible stranger. Time moves freely around you, as seasons pass and characters age. A family prepares for a particularly harsh winter, whose tidings will echo throughout their lives. 

Pre-orders start Friday September 10th 2021 2PM EST

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Infinity (GBC)

20 years later, one of the most anticipated game boy color rpgs is back from the dead!

A unique strategic battle system, progressive plot and events, over 50 explorable areas and 20 hours of gameplay!

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