Dragonymh pre-orders end November 24th at 11:59pm

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Dragonyhm pre-orders end next week!

Dragonyhm pre-orders will end next week, Friday 24rd at 11:59 p.m.!

If you plan to secure a copy, Dragonyhm is available in Standard Edition, Collector’s Edition, and Digital Edition!


Pre-order now!

Game information

For a number of years after the age-old conflict with dragons came to a head, the people of Archend have enjoyed an era of peace. All was well until the esteemed dragon slayer Kurtis went missing, and the sealed dragons began to awaken.

Play as Kris, son of the slayer, embarking on a quest to find him. Meet memorable characters while uncovering the rich history of Archend, and uncover a plot that threatens to destroy the kingdom!

Explore, solve, and battle your way through this heroic adventure!

The game features:
- 9 main dungeons in the game
- secret areas throughout
- a fully-fledged battle and leveling up system
- unlockable Golden Dragon modes that change the theme and difficulty of the game

- +- 10 hours of play time

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