Incube8 Games will be publishing Dragonborne DX

Posted by Incube8 Games on

We are happy to announce that Incube8 Games will be publishing Dragonborne DX, developed by Spacebot Interactive, on physical cartridge for the Nintendo Game Boy Color.


The original Dragonborne gave you the opportunity to travel through the region of Argon as Kris, in search of your missing father Kurtis, the greatest dragon slayer the region has ever known. Featuring around 10 hours of gameplay, puzzles, dungeons, multiple enemies, various weapon and armour upgrades, and more, the original was a very well received RPG release. 

Now, revisit this story with enhanced graphics for the Game Boy Color, in addition to improved gameplay mechanics, a remastered soundtrack, and new bonus content. Dragonborne DX will also remain compatible with the original Game Boy.

Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming release!

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