Incube8 Games will be publishing The Machine

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We are excited to announce that Incube8 Games will be publishing The Machine, from developer Ben Jelter! Ben Jelter was a co-developer for Unearthed, the winner of the 2021 Game Boy dev competition, and we are eager to be able to bring his next game to your Game Boy! Pre-orders begin on February 16th, and the game will be available in both standard and collector’s editions.


The Machine features 20+ hours of gameplay, that sees you pursuing numerous different storyline paths in an original dystopian world, exploring the inner workings of a gigantic machine and the people who inhabit it in the throes of an election that could dramatically shape the future, concluding in one of over 25 possible endings! In this hierarchical society, your place in the world is determined at a young age through an aptitude test, which will allow you to experience each playthrough as a factory worker, a police officer, a secret agent, and more.


A playable demo can be found on the game's dedicated website, play it right in your browser! A demo version of the game can also be downloaded from Ben Jelter’s page, if you prefer to experience it on your Game Boy.



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