Incube8 Games will be publishing Dango Dash!

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We are excited to announce that Incube8 Games will be publishing Dango Dash, from developer Rebusmind, for the Game Boy Color. The game will be available in both boxed standard and cartridge-only lite editions, as well as digitally.

Ever since an unknown calamity destroyed the world, people have lived on islands floating in a vast sea of clouds. In a small village on one of these islands, a young boy called Dango tries to find his place in life.

Dango Dash is a platformer adventure game that combines fast-paced action with an engaging story about growing up and fighting for what you believe in. Help Dango in his quest to save his village and defeat the evil Hanami ninja clan threatening their peace.

Keep an eye open for Dango Dash, as it arrives on the shop page soon.

Dango Dash Game Boy Color

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