Over $370,000 raised for Infinity!

Posted by Éloi Chevrier on

The Infinity Kickstarter campaign has wrapped up, with 3458 backers coming together to help us in raising $370,823.04 - 2317% of our funding goal! We want to thank everyone who has helped make this Kickstarter as successful as it has been; it’s incredible how much support has been given to this twenty year old game! It’s actually quite the statement, to see a game that was cancelled almost 20 years ago for being designed for a console that was seen as outdated, to now have over 3000 people willing to show it this level of support. The interest for these retro games is still going strong, and it’s all thanks to you!

With such a successful campaign, this has allowed for a total of twenty stretch goals to be unlocked, including enhanced ports for Steam and Nintendo Switch; localization for French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German; and both an in-game and arranged soundtrack piece composed by Yuzo Koshiro. 

The big question on a lot of people’s minds right now is likely backer kits. We are going to spend a little time setting up all the information and details for these backer kits, and we expect these add-ons to be available in the first week of October. For anyone who pledged for a tier that has access to the Discord server, we plan to have that operational in about a month, so keep an eye out for further information regarding accessing the Discord server.

Looking further into the future, the Game Boy Color version will be the first to be released, as while the two will be worked on in parallel, the GBC version will be the foundation for the enhanced versions on Steam and Switch. To avoid any unnecessary delays for those who are eager to experience Infinity, we will start fulfilling pledges once the GBC version is ready to go, and Steam keys for the enhanced version, as well as the release of the Switch version, will follow shortly afterwards once we have “enhanced” them. Unfortunately, due to how the Switch storefront operates, it isn’t financially viable for us to offer free Switch keys in the same way we offer Steam keys, but we anticipate that Infinity will be available on the eShop around the same time the Steam keys go out.

We look forward to finally delivering a fully completed Infinity after so long, and thank you all for your support!

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