Dango Dash (GBC)

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A subsidiary of Retro Modding, Incube8 Games was launched in 2021 with the aim of facilitating the publishing of retro video game cartridges, mainly for 8-bit handheld consoles. Supported by Retro Modding’s expertise and supply chain, Incube8 Games offers turnkey publishing solutions for physical releases from the custom cartridges and PCBs to the boxes and games manuals. Incube8 Games is the official publisher for Genesis.


Rebusmind is the label Constantin Graf makes independent games under. At its core, games from Rebusmind concentrate on finding the fun in new gameplay mechanics. No matter the genre or the platform, there are always ways to take something known and loved and look at it from a fresh perspective. That’s what Rebusmind strives for in all its games.

Dango Dash

Dango Dash is a platformer adventure game that combines fast-paced action with an engaging story about growing up and fighting for what you believe in. Help Dango in his quest to save his village and defeat the evil Hanami ninja clan threatening their peace.

Ever since an unknown calamity destroyed the world, people live on islands floating in a vast sea of clouds. In a small village on one of these islands lives a young boy called Dango, who tries to find his place in life.


Release date :
April 2023
Genre :
Platform :
Game Boy Color
Collection :
Incube8 Games
Age rating :
Developer :
Development platform :
GB Studio
Players :
Single player
Play Time :
4-6 hours
Replayability :
Supported languages :
Game numbering :


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