IndestructoTank! (GB)

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The world faces an insurmountable danger that it has never seen before. In desperation, Earth calls on a hero, and Dirk Danger answers the call, manning the mighty IndestructoTank, an… indestructible bouncing tank? He may not be the hero they wanted, but he’s certainly the hero they need.

IndestructoTank! is an arcade style game that seeks to bring the classic Flash game to your Game Boy, as you destructively bounce across helicopters, planes, and more, trying to score high combos and gather points to spend on upgrades. Hop into the IndestructoTank!, and get ready for a ride!

Digital Edition can be found here.

In-depth game information can be found here.


  • Sealed box
  • Clear cartridge
  • Clear cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Sticker sheet


  Release date :
  May 2022
  Genre :
  Platform :
  Game Boy
  Collection :
  Incube8 Games
  Age rating :
  Developer :
  The Exp
  Development platform :
  Players :
  Single player
  Play Time :
  Replayability :

  Supported languages :

  Game numbering :