The Machine (GBC)

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In The Machine, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue numerous different storyline paths, leading to one of over 25 possible endings. In this original dystopian world, explore the inner workings of a gigantic machine and the people who inhabit it in the throes of an election that could dramatically shape the future. In this hierarchical society, your place in the world is determined at a young age through an aptitude test, which will allow you to experience each playthrough as a factory worker, a police officer, or more. Get to know those around you, and make decisions that could dramatically impact the future of your home and its inhabitants. 

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Collector Edition can be found here.

Digital Edition can be found here.


  • Sealed box
  • Clear black cartridge
  • Clear cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Pre-sale copies include a limited edition sticker sheet


  Release date :
  May 2022
  Genre :
  Platform :
  Game Boy Color, Game Boy
  Collection :
  Incube8 Games
  Age rating :
  Developer :
  Ben Jelter
  Development platform :
  Players :
  Single player
  Play Time :
  2 hours per run
  Replayability :
  High (Over 25 endings!)

  Supported languages :

  Game numbering :