Zephyr's Pass (GBC)

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This game will be released in July 2024 and is displayed as "Sold Out" until the release.

Zephyr's Pass is a captivating, narrative-driven action-adventure game designed specifically for the GBC.

Set in a land tormented by destructive winds, the game's inhabitants are forced to live in canyons and travel via low-flying airships.

The story follows a young hero, Abel, who joins forces with a band of pirates to defeat Thane, a man striving to become the Wind God. To accomplish this, Abel must locate ancient pieces of armor, each granting him new abilities and the strength to save his land.

The game features rich, detailed visuals that surpass many other titles on the system, both homebrew, and official release. It offers challenging puzzles that vary up the dungeons you will explore, each featuring a unique mechanic to test the player.

The game's creators aim to provide an experience akin to the many great official releases for the GBC.

Game Demo can be found here.

Digital Edition can be found here.

In-depth game information can be found here.

Game's webpage can be found here (external).


  • Sealed box
  • Clear cartridge
  • Clear cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Stickers sheet
  • Silkscreened PCB with artwork on the back side


Release date :
June 2024
Genre :
Platform :
Game Boy Color
Collection :
Incube8 Games
Age rating :
Developer :
Providential Innovations
Development platform :
GB Studio
Players :
Single player
Play Time :
4-5 hours
Replayability :
Supported languages :
Game numbering :