D*Fuzed (GBC) - Digital Edition

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PLEASE NOTE, This is a WIP release. The ROM included is a development preview. Once purchased, you will be notified by email anytime an updated build is ready

Poor Deef, a bomb disposal robot, reluctantly finds himself on a journey to save his friends. A big bad boss has appeared, raining chaos and destruction on this once peaceful land. Deef must rescue his friends while defusing bombs and avoiding hazards, as he progresses through each area towards a final explosive confrontation.

D*Fuzed is a turn-based logic puzzle game, where just one wrong move might be your last. Defuse bombs to recharge your battery, avoid the explosions, and look out for other hazards along the way!

Standard Edition can be found here.

Collector's Edition can be found here.

In-depth game information can be found here.


  • Game ROM
  • PDF Instructions booklet
  • Game cover art
  • OST Bandcamp download code


  Release date :
  Q3-Q4 2024
  Genre :
  Turn-based, Puzzle
  Platform :
  Game Boy Color, Game Boy
  Collection :
  Incube8 Games
  Age rating :
  Developer :
  Development platform :
  Players :
  Single player
  Play Time :
  2 hours to ∞!
  Replayability :

  Supported languages :

  Game numbering :