The Shapeshifter 2 (GB) - Digital Edition

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Welcome to the world of "The Shapeshifter 2 - Become the Animal You Touch" by Green Boy Games, the second part of the trilogy that has taken the Game Boy community by storm! In this unique and original Old-School Adventure game, you'll join Elliot on a mission to save the Elven world from the wizard's spell. Armed with a great power to become any animal he touches, Elliot must race against time as the powers run out at dawn.

But this is not your average adventure game - nothing is as simple as it seems in this fantasy world. As you journey through the game's six different environments, including a pirate ship, a world of giants, and a fiery volcano, you'll discover that the best of powers is sometimes hard to handle. With the game's unique "Adventure Code" system, you can go back to previous points to gather items and information to help you progress, making each playthrough a unique experience.

What sets "The Shapeshifter 2" apart from other Game Boy games is that it's the first and only game that requires 2 cartridges to play! This means that the game is packed with even more content, giving players an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience. And with compatibility for Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and other compatible systems, you can play "The Shapeshifter 2" on your favorite device.

With its "choose your own adventure" mechanics and unforgettable characters, "The Shapeshifter 2 - Become the Animal You Touch" is a game that will keep you hooked for hours. And don't forget to discover the easter egg hidden within the game - a special surprise for those who dare to explore every corner of this fantastical world. So why wait? Join Elliot on his quest to save the Elven world and become the animal you touch in "The Shapeshifter 2" today!

Standard Edition can be found here.

In-depth game information can be found here.

** To use the digital code wheel, you have to open the Code Wheel HTML file in your favorite internet browser, and then click on the yellow "Rotate code weel" button.


  • Game ROM
  • PDF instruction booklet
  • Game cover art


Release date :
May 4th 2023
Genre :
Adventure, Point & Click
Platform :
Game Boy
Collection :
Greenboy Games
Age rating :
Developer :
Greenboy Cartridge Games
Development platform :
GB Studio
Players :
Single player
Play Time :
3-4 Hours
Replayability :
Supported languages :
Game numbering :