The Shapeshifter (GB) - Digital Edition

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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure? 'The Shapeshifter' is an 8-bit classic point and click adventure game for the original Game Boy and other compatible systems. In this game, you will become Elliot, an ordinary person spending the weekend in the mountains with friends. But what was supposed to be a peaceful camping trip turns into an incredible fantasy world full of humour and mystery.

Elliot wakes up in the middle of the night, feeling the cold of the mountain air. He hears a cry for help and meets a little elf who is asking for his help. The elf wants Elliot to save the elf world from a wizard's spell. To do this, the elf gives Elliot a great power: he can become the animal he touches. But there's a catch - the power will fade at dawn, so Elliot must hurry up!

As Elliot crosses through the hole in the centennial broccoli tree, he enters the elves world. But nothing is as it seems in this fantasy world, and everything gets more complicated with every step. Elliot must use his shapeshifting power to overcome obstacles and challenges in five chapters full of humour and mystery. Each chapter presents a different environment - land, sea, air, and even under the ice. Choose the animal that best suits each of the environments and help the elf save their world.

With a playtime of up to 3 hours throughout 7 chapters, players will immerse themselves in this incredible world and discover everything it has to offer.

'The Shapeshifter' also features the ability to save and load your game, so you can start where you left off. The game's animated graphics add another layer of immersion, making you feel like you're part of the fantasy world. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience this amazing adventure. Help the elf save their world and become the ultimate shapeshifter.

Standard Edition can be found here.

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  • Game ROM
  • PDF instruction booklet
  • Game cover art


Release date :
May 4th 2023
Genre :
Adventure, Point & Click
Platform :
Game Boy
Collection :
Greenboy Games
Age rating :
Developer :
Greenboy Cartridge Games
Development platform :
GB Studio
Players :
Single player
Play Time :
2-3 Hours
Replayability :
Supported languages :
Game numbering :