Wing Warriors (GBC) - LITE Edition

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Wing Warriors is a fast paced shoot ‘em up, featuring three playable characters that promote different strategies as you try to conquer the game’s six stages and three boss battles. The game also features a score saving feature, and is playable in English, French, and Spanish.

Standard Edition can be found here.

LITE Edition can be found here.

Digital Edition can be found here.

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  • Black game cartridge


      Release date :
      July 2022
      Genre :
      Shoot 'Em Up
      Platform :
      Game Boy, Game Boy Color
      Collection :
      Incube8 Lite
      Age rating :
      Developer :
      Frank Matsusaka
      Development platform :
      Players :
      Single player
      Play Time :
      2-3 hours
      Replayability :

      Supported languages :
      English, Spanish and French

      Game numbering :