Dango Dash is available now!

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Are you in search of the cutest platformer adventure game?
Well, we are pleased to announce that Dango Dash is now available here!

Dango Dash is a platformer adventure game that combines fast-paced action with an engaging story about growing up and fighting for what you believe in. Help Dango in his quest to save his village and defeat the evil Hanami ninja clan threatening their peace.

Not only Dango's adventures are cool you will also be charmed by the game's pastel aesthetics and catchy music 🎼! It's not surprising that Dango Dash has landed in 4th place at the Game Boy Competition 2021 (over 137 entries).

Check it out! We have Boxed, Cartridge only, and Digital Editions available! ⬇️

Dango Dash (GBC) - Standard Edition
Dango Dash (GBC) - Standard Edition
Dango Dash (GBC) - Lite Edition
Dango Dash (GBC) - Digital Edition
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Interesting! Let me have a look!

We want to thank everyone who has already gotten the game, feedback is great, and 2021: Moon Escape is selling fast! If you want to grab your copy, have a look here!

2021: Moon Escape is an open-world adventure based on exploration, combat, and character progression where the game world is a constant threat to your survival and the success of your desperate but noble mission.

Sounds great, right? Check it out! ⬇️

2021: Moon Escape (GB)
Physical Edition
2021: Moon Escape (GB)
Digital Edition
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Interesting! Let me have a look!


If you want to be notified when your desired game is back in stock, just head up onto the product page and register with the "Notify when available" button! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ 

Pine Creek + Deadeus
- Production Update 2 -

The wait is (almost, almost) over! 🐌

Last time we informed you that we received the game boxes. We have been a bit too fast as we are still waiting on both game manuals to arrive! We know that a lot of you are waiting on both games and we apologize for the extra wait. At the moment we can't do much more, the manuals have been printed and we are still waiting on their delivery.

As soon as we will received them, we will finalize the assembly and will update you about the restock.

Dragonborne DX
New box cover reveal and DEMO incoming!

If you are a fan of Dragonborne, or just discovered the new incoming DX version, we reveal last week the new art cover for the game box designed by Marissa (https://www.artstation.com/Marissa_2601).
Here is the new cover:

Here is the original cover art from Dragonborne Developer, Spacebot Interactive:

New DEMO incoming!

Today we have revealed that the new demo of Dragonborne DX will be accessible next Friday, April the 28th, over our website. The demo link will be shared in next week's newsletter!
Stay tuned!


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