Greenboy games is now part of Incube8 Games!

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In a strategic move that marks a significant step forward in preserving retro gaming experiences in the industry, Incube8 Games has acquired Greenboy Cartridge Games, the Game Boy-exclusive development studio. Led by Dana Puch, Greenboy Cartridge Games has earned a devoted following and critical acclaim by producing games exclusively for the Game Boy console, drawing inspiration from Nintendo’s classic handheld in unique ways. Their dedication has paid off with the successful crowdfunding of their last two games, The Shapeshifter 1 and The Shapeshifter 2, raising a total of $145K. The Shapeshifter 2 made history as the first-ever Game Boy game to be released on two cartridges, solidifying Greenboy Cartridge Games’ reputation. 🎮

This acquisition has allowed Incube8 Games to expand its portfolio with seven new titles. With a total of 23 IPs by the end of 2023, it strengthens Incube8 Games commitment to preserve the gaming experience with 8-bit games. As part of the deal, Greenboy Cartridge Games’ original team will be releasing its third and final episode of Shapeshifter, « The Shapeshifter 3 »

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