Incube8 Games partners with PleaseFix to bring you better games!

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As we approach the beta testing phase for Infinity, we are happy to announce that we will be using PleaseFix as our bug reporting platform. We were eager to find a solution that allowed testers to provide their input both effortlessly and in a meaningful way. We feel that this platform will enable us to transparently address the issues that are impacting players the most. Moreover, we can easily prioritize these issues to ensure the efficient delivery of the most enjoyable gameplay experience possible. 

Being marketed as the world’s first player driven, socially engaged bug reporting and resolution platform, PleaseFix is a great tool in the pursuit of our goals. Even better, the company behind PleaseFix, Turbulent, is based alongside us here in Montréal; when you have such talented people so close, the opportunity to work with them becomes hard to pass up! While it’s a newer platform, it’s already been employed for QA testing in Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen and Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege, and we’re happy to have signed on as their latest client. 

Furthermore, we plan to continue using PleaseFix for the QA process in future Incube8 Games releases, to streamline the process with any beta testers we recruit for these projects. This will serve as another way to ensure our releases are of the highest quality possible! 

See you next time!

The Incube8 Games Team

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