New game : The Machine now available for pre-order

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In case you’ve missed the posts on our Instagram page, pre-orders for Ben Jelter’s The Machine are running now! Before we run down everything there is to know about the game, you can visit the game’s website in order to get a taste for yourself, by playing the demo directly in your browser! 

In The Machine, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue numerous different storyline paths in an original dystopian world, exploring the inner workings of a gigantic machine and the people who inhabit it in the throes of an election that could dramatically shape the future. In this hierarchical society, your place in the world is determined at a young age through an aptitude test, which will allow you to experience each playthrough as a factory worker, a police officer, or more. Get to know those around you, and make decisions that could impact the future of your home and its inhabitants, concluding in one of over 25 possible endings.

The game will be available digitally as a ROM, as well as a physical cartridge in both standard and collector’s editions.

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