Infinity Week Three Update

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Infinity gains additional art and a GBA enhancement!

We’re in the homestretch of our campaign, but the Infinity Kickstarter shows no signs of letting up! As of writing, we have hit two big milestones: 2600 backers, and $300,000 pledged! With that, we’ve managed to clear all of our remaining stretch goals as well! 

To recap, these newly unlocked stretch goals bring two significant additions to Infinity. First of all, a total of six in-game art stills have been unlocked. These stills will occur at different points throughout the game, highlighting certain scenes or events in greater detail to help immerse yourself in the world of Infinity.

In addition, Infinity will now be enhanced for the Game Boy Advance! For anyone who isn’t familiar, a very small number of Game Boy Color games were “GBA-enhanced” towards the end of the GBC’s lifespan, which allowed for some exclusive content when the game was run on a GBA. While we aren’t ready to spoil exactly what this extra content will be, rest assured that there will be a little bit more to explore when playing Infinity on your GBA! 

With that said, there’s still a little more than a week left, and we did tease a big final stretch goal in our last update. Now, we are happy to be able to announce that at $350,000, Infinity will be getting an enhanced version for the Nintendo Switch! What we mean by enhanced, is that it won’t be a simple one-to-one port from the Game Boy Color to the Switch; we hope to be able to utilize the improved hardware of the Switch in order to offer a few small but important quality improvements, such as modern aspect ratios and improved audio. Even better, this stretch goal also stands to benefit a previously unlocked stretch goal as well, as the development done to enhance Infinity for the Switch will also allow us to make similar improvements on the Steam port

That’s all for the updates this week! There’s still a little more than a week left for you to pledge for your own copy of Infinity and help bring the game to Switch, so be sure to visit the Kickstarter page for the full details if you haven’t already!

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