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Summer is here, so while you’ll likely be out and about enjoying the weather, it can be nice to have a couple retro games to take on the road and enjoy in your downtime. To that end, we wanted to recap what’s new at Incube8 Games, to help you get everything you need, at least for the gaming part of your summer.

Digital Releases

In case you missed it, we’ve been releasing digital editions of all our games! If you’re looking for a low-cost method to get a game ASAP, a digital ROM purchase is the perfect option. We will be releasing digital editions for new games as they release, but we’ve also retroactively released digital editions for all of our already released games up to this point.

Of particular interest, The Machine is our most recent digital release. The Machine is an adventure game set in an original dystopian world, in which you’ll have the opportunity to pursue numerous different storyline paths, leading to one of over 25 possible endings! The digital edition includes the game ROM, in addition to a PDF instruction booklet, game cover art, desktop wallpapers, and a Bandcamp download code for the soundtrack.

If you’re looking for horrors of the less-human sort, Deadeus is another great pick for a digital purchase! Deadeus is an authentic horror Gameboy game, centering around a small boy who has a prophetic nightmare, and the village he must now try to save. The digital edition for Deadeus similarly includes the game ROM, PDF instruction booklet, game cover art, desktop wallpapers, and OST download code. 

New (Boxed) Releases

If you appreciate the full presentation of a boxed game, we’ve got some new boxed releases to check out as well!

IndestructoTank! is a Game Boy remake of the classic Flash game. In this arcade style game, you’ll be tasked with piloting the titular indestructotank, as you destructively bounce across helicopters, planes, and more, trying to score high combos and gather points to spend on upgrades.

Additionally, we’ve also recently released Magipanels, in case you’re looking to enjoy a good puzzle! Magipanels is a modern take on the match 3 genre, where you will manipulate panels on the grid one column or row at a time to form matches and earn a high score, while utilizing character specific abilities to radically alter the grid in your favor!

Both of these games are available for purchase as a full boxed release (or digitally!), featuring a clear game cartridge, cartridge protector, instruction booklet, and sticker sheet.

Incube8 Lite


As a sort of happy medium, we also have Incube8 Lite: a place for us to publish games in a cartridge-only format, so that you can enjoy a physical release in a more affordable format. To that end, we’ve recently released our very first Lite title! Gunship is a rail shooter where you will fight your way through five action-packed missions, as you try to repel the attack and restore peace. That’s certainly not all for the Lite imprint however, as the next Lite release is on the horizon, slated to arrive in July…

For now, however, that’s where things stand for Incube8 Games! If you’re looking for a new game to enjoy on your Game Boy, be sure to check out some of the above offerings!

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