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It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's…

Good day everyone!

As teased last week, we are proud to announce that we will publish Zephyr’s Pass from Providential Innovations!
Some of you, fine people, already knew the game and are following the work of the developer, Aaron, over Twitter.
A lot of comments were already asking if Zephyr’s Pass will be published in a physical format, and we are proud to say yes! 

Game information

Zephyr's Pass is a captivating, narrative-driven action-adventure game designed specifically for the GBC.

Set in a land tormented by destructive winds, the game's inhabitants are forced to live in canyons and travel via low-flying airships.

The story follows a young hero, Abel, who joins forces with a band of pirates to defeat Thane, a man striving to become the Wind God. To accomplish this, Abel must locate ancient pieces of armor, each granting him new abilities and the strength to save his land.

The game features rich, detailed visuals that surpass many other titles on the system, both homebrew, and official release. It offers challenging puzzles that vary up the dungeons you will explore, each featuring a unique mechanic to test the player.
The game's creators aim to provide an experience akin to the many great official releases for the GBC.

Zephyr’s pass is currently in development and will be released in June 2024

A demo is already available!

Want to give Zephyr's Pass a try?
Well, we already have a demo for you to test over here!
It’s free, and if we have a new demo version (hot fix or a more complete one), you will automatically receive a download link for it!

Note from the developer:
“I’ve put the player at a later level with no story spoilers. It's also a bit more challenging and more representative of future areas.”

Now you know!

We have shirts too!

In addition to the game, we have also put online exclusive shirts with a custom Zephyr’s Pass design. If you want to level up your beach game this summer, it’s the perfect item for you! 
Available in 7 different colors and 6 sizes (from S to 3XL)

Tester’s recruitment campaign

You’re amazing!

We wanted to thank you all for the incredible response to our tester program!
We are putting together all the final details and we will get back to all the registrants very soon!

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