Fix My Heart is coming!

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Here is the Summer News!

We have been pretty busy, but we put together this summer newsletter! We have some great news for you to enjoy during/before your well-deserved holidays! 

Fix my heart is coming!



We already talked about it a few months ago, but Fix My Heart’s production is almost complete. We have validated the final print file for the game instruction manual, and on another hand, stickers sheets and cartridge stickers are on the way! A few weeks are needed for the manufacturing, so we should have everything on hands to open the orders mid/late August!

Boxes and PCBs are already here!

Tester’s recruitment ahead!

In our process of delivering great games, we have decided to add a step on our publishing journey: beta testing!

As you know, the retro gaming community is a small world, and the help of each one of its inhabitants can make a huge impact. Most of our developers work alone on their games, and being able to help them while tracking the last bugs can be a life saver!

We will soon start a recruitment campaign of testers, if you are motivated to make a difference, stay tuned!

- You are the monster -
Game Boy competition 2023

Are they any developers in the room?

We are proud to announce that we are the main sponsor or this GB Compo 2023. Like in 2021, we are glad to help this amazing Game Boy development competition again.
This year jam’s theme is: You are the monster

If you want more information and maybe join the jam, you will find below the appropriate links:

The competition is a great place to see some of the most creative Game Boy homebrews. It’s also thanks to the GB compo that we have been able to spot and publish Dango Dash and Fix My Heart!

Did you know that Dango Dash ranked 4th and Fix my Heart ranked 16th out of the 134 entries in the Game Boy Competition 2021!

Pine Creek 3D remake, on Steam!

Enjoyed Pine Creek in your plain old Game Boy?
Now it’s available in 3D! Tabique Malevolo, Pine Creek’s developer has released a 3D remake: "Pine Creek: The Book of Judith" and it’s available now on Steam:

If you still fancy a copy for your Game Boy, it’s over there:

Pine creek 3D remake, "Pine Creek: The Book of Judith" is available on Steam.

Ben Jelter interview

Curious to ear about The Machine creation?

An interview made by the Homebrew Game Club is available over here to have some exclusive insight into The Machine:

New game announcement to come!

We can’t reveal too much, but the suspense will be too long as we plan to announce this awesome new game next week!

Stay tuned! :P


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