New Edition of Deadeus Coming Soon

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New Edition of Deadeus Coming Soon

Horror adventure game 

Montreal, Canada – October 12, 2021 – Retro publisher Incube8 Games, games producer Spacebot Interactive, and indie development studio IZMA, announce the next edition for the physical cartridge of Deadeus, for the Nintendo Game Boy.

Deadeus is an authentic horror Gameboy game  developed using Chris Maltby’s GB Studio engine, featuring music by Stuart Busby. The game centers around a small boy who has a prophetic nightmare telling him everyone will die in 3 days and that he has to investigate his village to see how he can save them, if at all. It has 11 endings and no direct path leaving it up to the player to decide which is the best course of action.

Standard Edition Includes

  • Sealed box
  • Clear Black Game Cartridge
  • Sticker sheet
  • Game manual

Collector's Edition Includes

  • Sealed box
  • Clear Green Game cartridge
  • Oversized sticker sheet
  • Game manual
  • Art Book
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Collector’s Box


    • 2D pixel art
    • Developed in GB Studio
    • 11 different endings
    • Music by Stuart Busby
    • Fully compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance handhelds


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      About Retro Modding

      Created in 2016, Retro Modding is a company based in Montreal, Canada. Its mission is to ensure the longevity of retro handheld systems. Specialized in the design and console components and modding parts, they collaborated with artist like Mr Beast, Justin Roiland (Rick & Morty), Spacebot Interactive (Dragonborne, Deadeus), NGDEV team, Chipzel (Crypt of the NecroDancer), The Retro Future, Rage Elixir, Eboys, Metal Jesus Rocks and many others.

      About Incube8 Games

      Incube8 Games aims to facilitate the publishing of retro video game cartridges, with a focus on 8-bit handheld consoles. Strong with Retro Modding’s expertise and supply chain, they offer turnkey publishing solutions for physical releases.

      About Spacebot Interactive

      Based in the UK, Spacebot Interactive are an indie game developer and publisher, who have a passion for retro style video games. They initially garnered interest with Dragonborne, an adventure RPG released in 2020, which has gone on to be one of the most successful indie Game Boy games in terms of sales.

      About IZMA

      -IZMA- graduated from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David with a BA in Illustration; he has since gone on to work in comics, concept art, motion graphics, band merchandise and game development. 

      Fuelled by comic books, heavy metal, horror movies and video games, -IZMA- gathers a wide range of inspirations and distills them down into the unique, macabre style.

      He recently released his third book, Creaking Guts: The Black and White art of -IZMA-, a 100 page collection of his most recent and favourite works with a foreword from acclaimed comic book inker / writer veteran, Andy Lanning.


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