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The Mayor of Sanctuary (GBC)

Explore the town of “Anzen” and meet its residents to understand why things have fallen apart after Yuu’s retirement as mayor.

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Fix My Heart (GBC)

Run through a perilous cave as you try to fix your mechanical heart. The game offers challenging levels that will push your platforming abilities to the limit, leaving no room for errors. Are you up for the challenge?

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Dragonyhm (GBC)

For a number of years after the age-old conflict with dragons came to a head, the people of Archend have enjoyed an era of peace. All was well until the esteemed dragon slayer Kurtis went missing, and the sealed dragons began to awaken.

Please note that "Dragonborne DX" has been renamed "Dragonyhm".

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Zephyr's Pass (GBC)

Set in a land tormented by destructive winds, the game's inhabitants are forced to live in canyons and travel via low-flying airships.

The story follows a young hero, Abel, who joins forces with a band of pirates to defeat Thane, a man striving to become the Wind God. To accomplish this, Abel must locate ancient pieces of armor, each granting him new abilities and the strength to save his land.


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