Wing Warriors (GBC)

Wing Warriors is a fast paced shoot ‘em up, featuring three playable characters that promote different strategies as you try to conquer the game’s six stages and three boss battles. The game also features a score saving feature, and is playable in English, French, and Spanish.

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Magipanels (GB)

Magipanels is a modern take on the match 3 genre that feels right at home on the Nintendo Game Boy. Manipulate panels on the grid one column or row at a time to form matches and earn a high score! Use character specific abilities to radically alter the grid in your favour! The game includes a number of unlockables, for a total of 8 playable characters, 16 panel themes, 5 songs, and a couple of extra secret mysteries!

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Indestructotank (GB)

IndestructoTank is an arcade style game that seeks to bring the classic Flash game to your Game Boy, as you destructively bounce across helicopters, planes, and more, trying to score high combos and gather points to spend on upgrades.

The world faces an insurmountable danger that it has never seen before. In desperation, Earth calls on a hero, and Dirk Danger answers the call, manning the mighty IndestructoTank, an… indestructible bouncing tank? He may not be the hero they wanted, but he’s certainly the hero they need.

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Gunship (GB)

Our nation is under attack by enemy forces, and the defense can only succeed with the help of air ground support. The future of our nation depends on you!

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The Machine (GBC)

In this original dystopian world, explore the inner workings of a gigantic machine and the people who inhabit it in the throes of an election that could dramatically shape the future.


D*Fuzed (GBC)

D*Fuzed is a turn-based logic puzzle game, where just one wrong move might be your last. Defuse bombs to recharge your battery, avoid the explosions, and look out for other hazards along the way!

This game will be on pre-order on November 26th 2021 2PM EST and ships Q3 2022.


Deadeus (GB)

"Deadeus is a masterclass in efficiency, and manages to tell a big story with delightful brevity. 9.5" - Matthew Loffhagen, Nintendo Force

"Deadeus offers some horrifying imagery despite the limitations of the Game Boy, and all while offering a tangled, frightening story that will take a great deal of work to unravel." -

"Deadeus does a truly charming job of being sinister" -


The Year After (GBC)

You are an invisible stranger. Time moves freely around you, as seasons pass and characters age. A family prepares for a particularly harsh winter, whose tidings will echo throughout their lives. 


Infinity (GBC)

20 years later, one of the most anticipated game boy color rpgs is back from the dead!

A unique strategic battle system, progressive plot and events, over 50 explorable areas and 20 hours of gameplay!

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