Incube8 Games will publish Fix My Heart!

Posted by Incube8 Games on

We are excited to announce that Incube8 Games will be publishing Fix My Heart, from developer Filipe Bianchin, for the Game Boy Color. The game will be available in boxed Standard Edition, as well as digitally.


Fix My Heart is a precision platformer with minimalistic graphics and a strong emphasis on speedrunning, ranked 16th out of 134 entries in the Game Boy Competition 2021.

Run through a perilous cave as you try to fix your mechanical heart. The game offers challenging levels that will push your platforming abilities to the limit, leaving no room for errors. Are you up for the challenge?

With seven unique endings to unlock, you must decide your fate and confront the cave's deadly obstacles. For those seeking an even harder experience, the Remix mode introduces five new gameplay mechanics that will put your skills to the test.


Keep an eye open for Fix My Heart, as it arrives on the shop in September!

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